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Dear Travellers!

Our business and website are for all people who love travelling on wheels and searching for the best services and products to suit their needs. The very best way to explore this beautiful country was and will be on 4 wheels.

A retired couple enjoying the freedom of travelling over months, the young European Backpackers looking forward to being as independent as possible on their trip around Australia, or the young family who owns a Camper to have great holidays

What we do!

Our target is to make your journey even better and as practical, luxurious and smart as you like without having to sell one of your kidneys 🙂


Back in 2011, we bought our first van which we converted into a campervan during our first few weeks in Australia. In 2.5 years time, we travelled all around Australia with this van which formed the foundation of the mindset of how we still operate.

We often look back to those years as being the best times ever and love to pass on that spirit to other travellers.

From that time onwards, with all that our experiences taught us, we learnt and worked hard to establish our own business: Individual conversions for all kind of vehicles. Unique designs, basic yet functional. 

We can also customize your van if you bring it to us.

And also just upgrade vehicles, with a solar panel or conventional dual battery system, install fridge connections, 240v power, side awnings for shade and even installation of POP-UP roofs are some of the services we offer.



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