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New Maxi Sleeping Roofs Available NOW!
Great addition to an existing motorhome, or plan for an upstairs bed for your new motorhome.

We have just imported direct from Germany a number of Ducato, Sprinter and Crafter Maxi Sleeping Roofs.
This is a great addition to your existing motorhome, or part of a new installation.

The Maxi Sleeping Roof provides an extremely flexible upstairs sleeping area for two people.  It creates a very flexible motorhome as you sleeping area is upstairs, or you can create an additional area upstairs, and the kids can go to sleep while the adults are still enjoying the night in the main area

The Maxivan canopy offers 2 additional comfortable berths in your van. It is always delivered with 3 parts to make the assembly as easy as possible The roof shell mechanism and tent bellows, the GRP lower frame and the front spoiler.
The GRP subframe is glued to the bodywork and the roof shell is mounted on it. The tent bellows are fastened with classic tent bellows tracks.
The GRP frame requires a mounting surface of 275x145 cm, the front spoiler requires a body length of approx. 45 cm, but can also be mounted or omitted in the area of the front pitch of the roof.
The entire installation takes place above the roof plate, e.g. the hatch opening of a hectic roof is sufficient as a roof cut-out. Roof locking with straps. The bed cushion lies under-ventilated directly on the roof sheet.
The roof is positioned in such a way that the passage in the roof hatch field behind the rail can take place in the sliding door area. Construction height approx. 24 cm.

For more information pricing and installation please contact us at sales@reimo.com.au


Front lifting roof
The popped up roof provides ample area for two adults to sleep. Very simple lifting and pulling down.
In the closed position
When closed, the roof does not raise the height of the vehicle too much. Approximately 24cm increase in height.
Interior view of bed area
Two matresses provide for a comfortable sleep for two adults. Easy access via the ladder and access hole.
Access ladder to roof bed
A number of solutions can be used to access the sleeping roof bed. Here is an example of a foldable ladder giving access to the roof bed.