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Insurance Work
We do repair work for most insurance companies. Give us a call and we can organise a quote.

storm damage, water damage, electrical issues and much more

We do insurance repairs for most insurance companies. We will write up a detailed quote for repairs, send this quote to your insurance company, liaise with your insurance company.  Once the insurance company approves the repairs, we will book you in for the repairs. 
During the work, we will update you on the progress of the work.
If during the repairs we uncover hidden damage, we will then submit a variation to the original quote. If this variation is approved, then this extra body of work will be added to the approved works. 

Internal repairs due to water damage
Removal of hatches and re-sealing, repairs to internal finishes
Replace damaged awning
Large number of awnings are damaged in high winds. We can remove and replace with a new awning, replace the arms, or if the fabric is the only damaged areas, we can order new fabric, and replace the old one
Major rebuilds of campervans
We can rebuild major damaged sections of campervans and caravans.
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Replace old and damaged hatches
Careful removal of old hatches and installation of new. All sealed with good quality sika products, to ensure no water ingress.
hail damage
Hail damage work
We can remove and install new external panels
electrical damage (2)
Diagnose and repair electrical damage
Tracking down the cause of the issue, replacing all damaged electrical components and reinstating the entire electrical system
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Replacing old damaged solar panels
We specialise in solar installations or repairs and replacement of older damaged solar panels and associated electrics
body work (2)
Repairs of campervan body panels
We can source and replace damaged body panels