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Stay Warm this Winter with a super efficient Diesel Heater
At a push of a button, your camper, motorhome, caravan or campertrailer will warm up to a cosy 22C in no time.

We have access to a range of heaters to suit your budget and warming needs.
From 2Kw to 5Kw heaters, ranging from around $1200 up to around $1700.  
Installation is varied depending on your vehicle. 
In caravans, external diesel tanks need to be installed on a mount.  These vary from around $250 to $300.
In campervans and motorhomes, if the vehicle is diesel, we will need to drop your fuel tank, and place a "fuel straw" in the tank, to gain access to the diesel.

Diesel heaters are very efficient, and produce a large amount of heat.

For more information, please email sales@reimo.com.au and book in now for an installation.

Diesel Heater
We have a number of sizes and brands available
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Indicative Measurements
Note that these measurements are for a 4kW heater. 2kW are a little smaller, and the larger 5kW heater slightly larger.
Sample installation kit that comes with the heater
Each heater will come with an installation kit, controller, pump, cables, vents, mounts, various hoses and ducting
Controller for the heater
Basic functions to control the heater
Diesel Tank and mount
Used on caravans or camper trailers
Diesel Tank and Mount
The aluminium mount is both strong and light.